People have always played a central role in my life. The human body is something that fascinates me not only in terms of anatomical beauty, but also with respect to the way life plays out: how people move, how they age, and their range of emotional expression. In my sculpture, I try to go beyond the bodily image in order to convey the personalities of the characters I sculpt as well as their emotions, philosophies and attitudes toward the world. The language of gestures and the incredible flexibility of the body that I have loved ever since ballet school are what I express through the plasticity of the ancient and wonderful medium of clay.

My figural works are reflections of my perceptions of each person as an individual. Some of my works are born from a series of sketches while others arise spontaneously under my hands from the depths of consciousness and sometimes surprise even me with their desire to exist. Regardless of whom I sculpt or what pose I sculpt them, my purpose in sculpting is to make the clay come alive.

I also create vases and decorative ceramics that I call ‘my moments of meditation.' I make these at the potter's wheel and also build them by hand. These processes are both relaxing and contemplative, but at the same time allow me to focus my concentration as I strive for the best results. My goal is for my ceramics to bring people beauty and aesthetic pleasure for many, many years.

I do not know which country we will be living next, but no matter where I move, my studio will always move with me. I look forward to new successes and new triumphs! And most importantly for me, I know I am on the right path because I cannot live a complete and meaningful life without doing my ceramics.



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I was born and grew up in Almaty, Kazakhstan, at the time when it was a part of the Soviet Union. My parents were civil engineers and I always had access to paper and pencil, and drawing became my favorite pastime. Art has been with me in one form or another for my entire life. In addition to middle and high school, I attended art school where my love of art grew and where I realized that I could not give up my dream of becoming a professional artist. But I had another dream, to become a ballerina, and I studied at the ballet studio of a famous Russian ballerina. From that time I came to love the charm of body language, gestures, and the incredible emotion of the figure.

After high school, it became clear to me that I wanted to be a professional artist and I enrolled in the Kazakh State Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Fine Arts, which was one of the best universities at that time in my country. A unique aspect of this university was the opportunity to study a wide range of techniques, including oil painting, watercolor, drawing, batik, wood carving, ceramics, and arts and crafts. After five years of training I received the diploma of a teacher of fine arts and decided to devote all my energy to art of batik. That is when I perfected color technics and achieved my first success in exhibitions and selling my work in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Canada.

After several years of batik, I left this occupation by the wayside. This was the time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and economic problems drove me to find other ways of earning a living. I learned the profession of graphic designer, which led me to the creation of my own design studio. Being a graphic designer required a combination of technical and artistic talents like visual thinking, imagination, and a sense of style and color. All this comes in handy to me now in my sculpture work.

My graphic design business expanded and I entered a new chapter in my life. I met my husband, who worked on international projects. It changed my lifestyle dramatically, so I became a "Gypsy." First we moved to Bogota, Colombia, and before me was a question: "What do I really love and what do I want to say with my art?" I have always enjoyed watching people, their movements, bodylines, emotions on their faces, and observing their character. I started to paint portraits of friends and family and realized, being the perfectionist that I am, I needed more study. Therefore, I attended life figure drawing classes at the Colombian Academy of Arts and graduated from both the basic and advanced programs.

As time passed, I realized that two-dimensional pictures were not sufficient for me to express the subtlety of human nature and emotions in their entirety. So I began to look for other ways of expressing my ideas. Moving to Venezuela proved to be very helpful because there I met with local ceramic artists and decided to focus on ceramics, which I had studied in my university some time ago. Here, I found my true calling and love! I entered the school of ceramics at the State Educational Center "Anzoateki" in Puerto La Cruz, where I mastered the potter's wheel and various ceramics techniques. And so I have arrived at sculpture, realizing that it gives me the manifestation of myself in the art.



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